Launched by Hyperlogic Limited, www.hypermotor.co.uk is about motoring news for people that are interested in all aspects of cars.  Even when highly topical, all of our content is unique and our writing style reflects our keen interest, hopefully comprehensive knowledge and some of our opinions.  We try, wherever possible, to keep our views positive but honest.

Without necessarily meaning to we might have a slightly proud British view.  The site generally being created and edited by English petrol heads.  This British motoring view is more a reflection of our motoring history rather than any intentional bias.  Like many if we could have afforded to purchase Italian Supercars or American muscle whilst growing up, we are sure these would equally influence what we have to say.  We are always happy and encourage contribution from those who do know about these things better than us.

We believe in the beauty of all things automotive so images feature heavily on the site, but we try to ensure a mix of content from practical day to day cars, affordable classics through to concepts, exotics and motorsports.  We are equally comfortable scouring sources to put something in our own garage as we are at track or press days.   Our simple aim to create a straightforward and interesting site to fuel some of those automotive yearnings many of us have.

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